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We have partnered with Banzai to bring our members clear, in-depth lessons to help you dive into the financial topics you care most about.

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Banzai is a one stop destination for our members to find FREE financial information, education, tools and resources! With unique and relevant content geared towards kids, teens, and adults ~ there's something for everyone!

  • Courses: interactive real-life scenarios for kids (Banzai Junior), teens (Banzai Teen), and adults (Banzai Plus) to help teach both basic and advanced financial concepts that demonstrate the power of good financial planning.
  • Collections: find articles, calculators, and coaches all pertaining to particular financial events and/or challenges like buying a home, building credit, planning for an emergency, and so much more!
  • Articles: information and resources on a wide variety of financial-related topics ranging from cyber security, to transitioning to retirement, and beyond!
  • Calculators: input your own information to calculate things like how much you can save in the long term by making more than your minimum monthly loan payment.
  • Coaches: interact with automated coaches that will lead you through scenarios and a series of questions to help you work through your financial challenges. 
  • Topics: browse all of the relevant content you're looking for in one place by filtering it by a certain topic such as saving, life changes, or budgeting.

Take control of your money today!

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