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Benefits to Belonging

There are a number of benefits to belonging to Waterfront, so in no particular order we’ve listed them here:

  • We were founded by and continue to exclusively serve members of certain unions.
  • Our members receive service from our own unionized staff. That’s right, Waterfront employees are also a part of a union.
  • Our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are all members of one of our qualifying unions and Waterfront members as well.
  • Because of just these three very important points above, we can confidently say we understand the life of our members—everything from what their work schedules and stresses are like, to their needs, circumstances and the importance trust and loyalty play in their lives.
  • We look at every member’s individual situation and base decisions on what’s best for the member and the Credit Union. In other words, you’re not a number at Waterfront—you’re a person.
  • No matter if your relationship with one of our qualifying unions changes, you move, or you retire—we have the in-person, nationwide and virtual services to continue to serve you and your family for years to come.
  • And last, but certainly not least we offer a wide range of financial products and services (auto loans, home loans, VISA credit cards, checking accounts, various savings and investment accounts, and a number of online banking options)—all with very competitive, if not better than rates and low to no fees.

To start your Waterfront membership, all you need is a $5 minimum deposit into an initial membership share savings account. So contact us to discuss your membership and we’ll be happy to get you started today.