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Need a little extra cash in your pocket?

With Waterfront’s Skip-A-Payment program you can take a month off from your loan payment. The program extends to Auto, Lines-of-Credit, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicle, and Signature loans.**

Use the extra cash for a special purchase, pay down your debt, or just enjoy a month without some bills!

If you have any questions regarding our Skip-A-Payment promotion, please contact a lending specialist.

**WFCU Visa Credit Cards, Home Equity Lines Of Credit or Mortgage Loans do not qualify for this promotion. A fee of $25 per loan will apply. Bankruptcies DO NOT qualify. Skip-A Payment does not apply to the first payment on a loan. Check your GAP policy or other credit protection agreements before you skip the payment to be sure you are aware of any impact on coverage. Please submit applications 3 days prior to the first skipped payment, applications received one or two days before a skipped payment will be returned to you and regularly scheduled loan payments will be required. By signing this you understand that interest will continue to accrue. I understand that I may not qualify if my loan has not been current for the last 60 days, I don’t have the required insurance on all my auto loans, I have already done a skip this year, I have a workout loan with the credit union, I may have caused the loan(s) to be impaired or I am not a member in good standing. It will extend the length of my loans beyond the original term. If I make any changes to my direct deposit while my payments are skipped, I will notify the credit union. If the processing fee is not in my account as required, the skip will NOT be processed. Federally insured by NCUA.

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