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Same Friendly, Personalized Service ~ Now Just a Click Away

We've Taken our Digital Support to the Next Level

Getting the help you need with your accounts, cards, and loan applications just got easier with our new digital member support solution! Enjoy the convenience of live virtual communication tools that allow you to connect with our branch staff from your computer or phone and get assistance when and where you need it. We’re here for you, and just a click away.

Tools Available:

Icon showing a chat bubble

Live Chat

When you need assistance on our website, online banking platform, or loan application system you no longer have to pick up the phone. We now offer the speed and convenience of chatting with a member of our branch staff virtually on your phone or computer. Once connected, we can help you with your questions and even show you how to find and do things on-screen when needed to save you valuable time.

Icon showing a video camera

Video Chat - Coming Soon!

We are working hard to continue to expand our digital support offerings. We look forward to bringing you this additional way to connect with our branch staff!

Until then, you can connect with us via Live Chat and/or Voice Call.

Icon showing a microphone

Voice Call

When chatting just isn't cutting it and you need to talk to someone, no need to break away from what you are doing on screen to dial a phone number and navigate phone prompts. Instead, start a call right from your chat. Our team will be there ~ on the same page ~ to pick up right where you left off in your chat.

Talk to us right from your device using a headset or your device’s speakers and microphone. While on a call we can offer you on-screen assistance so our staff can actually guide you to do what you came to do.

icon showing two computer mouse arrows


We know that trying to describe and explain something over the phone can be challenging sometimes. Help us see what you see by sharing your screen with us and let us remotely navigate around your screen with you as we assist you.

You can request to CoBrowse while chatting or talking on the phone with our team; it’s as easy as pressing ctrl+y and sharing the 5 digit code. Our friendly representatives can show you how to do what you came to do on-screen ~ with less effort, in a shorter time, and with greater clarity.

Icon showing a paperclip

File Sharing

Send us documents and/or images needed to update your information or to complete applications by simply uploading the file from your device.

Get Started:

  • Click on the chat bubble that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen on our website, Waterfront@Home Online Banking, or our online loan application system, and select 'Chat'.

  • The next available member of our staff will join your chat to assist you! For security, we will always verify your identity before disclosing any information regarding your account.

These features are currently available within our website, Waterfront@Home Online Banking platform, and our online loan application system during business hours (9:30am-5:30pm PST).

Try it out today and enjoy the same friendly, personalized service you know and love from wherever you are!